Thank you for considering becoming a volunteer at Sheridan Japanese School.  As we are a small charter school and receive less funding from the state, we need to be more creative in how we run the school, namely in the programs we offer, general operations of the school and community outreach.  We are an amazing school that offers an amazingly diverse, rigorous and dynamic academic and social experience for our students. I confidently can say that there is no school that offers what we offer, especially in multi-grade/collaborative learning, and Japanese language and culture, among others.   Our success as a school depends heavily on our volunteers.  Since we continue to expand and improve the quality of the programs we offer, volunteers are increasingly more important.

On this page, you will find a great deal of information about our volunteer program, including important documents, omnline forms and upcoming events and request for volunteers. All of this information can be found also, in the volunteer center at SJS.

Important Volunteer Documents
Hours Log Form This is where you can log in your volunteer hours. Please do this regularly, everytime you volunteer.
Cleaning Sign-Up It is very important that all families assist us in cleaning SJS. Please sign up here.



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