The Sheridan Japanese School is a small charter school which receives only 85% state-funding for elementary and middle-school students and 95% for high school students. We are a school that is extremely invested in offering our students, families, and community with the best educational and social experience we can. We are creative. We offer a rigorous curriculum. We are an amazing school. However, with our goals of maintaining and expanding/improving the programs we offer, donations are extremely essential for us to succeed. Please help us. Any amount will help.

Financial Donations
We accept financial donations through the following methods:
1)Cash Donation: Please bring it directly to the SJS Office
2)Check donation: Please endorse it to Sheridan Japanese School
3)Credit Card: By using our credit card website (secure), you may set up a monthly donation. If using this site, please do specify what you are donating for.

Credit Card Website: |LINK|

Material Donations
We also accept donations of materials such as:
1)Whiteboard Markers
2)Textbooks/Library Books
3)Sports supplies
4)Working computers
5)Auction items for the SJS Auction
6)Many More!


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