• All of our activities are guided by the four major tenets of our camp, represented in the  Japanese characters at the top of the page:  
    • 文化 BUNKA "culture:" We aim to provide campers with a wide variety of immersive cultural experiences ranging from traditional art, music, and cooking workshops to restaurant experiences to traditional Japanese games among several others.
    • 言語 GENGO "language:"  While we are not a full immersion camp, we provide all students at any level an experience learning and using the Japanese language.  For beginner students, it may be merely an introduction, but for our more advanced students-- a valuable and intensive opportunity for conversation and language-use.
    • 友 情 YUUJOU "friendship/fellowship/comraderie:" Every activity we plan fosters collaboration among students and opportunities not only to cement already existing friendships but branch out and create new ones.  Students will be arranged in multi-age-level PODS and engage in team-building activities.
    • 交 流 KOURYUU "exchange:" Not only do we strive to encourage students to exchange perspectives; we provide them with opportunities to interact first-hand with Japanese exchange students, from our sister school, English Tree School, from Ogaki, Japan.


  • Students, on non-field-trip days, will participate in workshop rotations, based on our daily theme.  These workshops will be language, art/music, culture.  Students will be grouped by their experience levels.
  • On non-field-trip days, students will have either an extended workshop/activity based on the theme or two choice activities. 
  • Over the two sessions, students will have two major offsite/fullday field trips, one to the Oregon Coast and one to Portland/Beaverton to experience a Japanese restaurant and Uwajimaya Asian Market, among other fun activities.
  • Students will have two overnights in which they will cook a Japanese dinner and play some exciting nightime activities.
  • There will be two optional (extra fee) post-camp field trips with the English Tree Students; one to Wings and Waves and one to Portland to explore the city.


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