The Aozora Gakkou Japanese Language and Culture Summer Camp is nestled in Sheridan, Oregon and held at the Sheridan Japanese School, most usually during the first two weeks in August.  Unique in the Northwest, Aozora is a public, non-profit summer camp devoted to the exploration and hands-on experience of the Japanese language and culture.  As we are really, one of a kind, we have students not just from the local area, but in Portland and as far as the East Coast! We have had over six years of successful operation and have served hundreds of campers, several of which did not have any experience with the Japanese language/culture.

Through field trips to Japanese businesses, the Portland Japanese Garden, and a plethora of activities related to daily themes such as anime, cooking, sports, taiko drumming, etc., we give your student a very comprehensive and personalized experience. We are not a language immersion camp, so it is easily accessible to students of all ages and experiences.  We additionally strive to develop students’ skills in critical-thinking, creativity, collaboration, and perseverance among other things.  We provide a safe environment for them to express themselves and interact with other campers.

In 2017, we will have the fantastic opportunity to partner with The English Tree School in Ogaki, Japan.  Aozora campers will have a chance to interact with students their age, but from Japan.

Here are just some of the activities we will offer in 2017:

  • Daily art, music, culture, and language workshops.
  • Character-building and leadership activities
  • Theme-based, hands-on activities such as holidays, food, karaoke, board games, manga &anime.
  • Field trips to Portland (Japanese restaurant, Uwajimaya Asian Market) and to the Oregon Coast, and Post-camp field-trips to downtown Portland, and the Wings and Waves Water Park.
  • Overnight Activities and Sleepovers (Once per session)
  • Japanese Cooking Night
  • Sports Festivals
  • Extended daycare until 5:00.

As we are non-profit, all registration fees collected simply cover our costs.  We do our best to keep our costs down to ensure that we can include as many campers as possible.  Our fees work out to be just $4/hr for a one-week session and $3/hr if signed up for the entire two-week camp.  We are significantly cheaper than daycare and other camps, and provide a stellar Japanese language and culture experience!

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