Despite our small size, we offer a wide variety of extracurricular activities to our students, in the forms of elective courses, clubs, honor societies, and sports and academic teams, among others.

Electives Courses

Fine Arts, Film, Literature
Art: Ceramics and Painting
Art: Photography and Design
Fundamentals of Art and Design
Fundamentals of Japanese Film
Hitchcock Film Seminar
Introduction to Quilting
Junior (Non-Team) Taiko
Literature of the New Testament
Music Appreciation and Metal
Sheridan Japanese School Choir

Science and Technology
Introduction to Computer Skills
Introduction to Earth Science
Publishing and Design: Newspaper and Yearbook

Career, College, and Life Skills
College and Career Exploration Seminar
Sustainability Club

Physical Education
Physical Education
Volleyball and Conditioning

Honor Societies and Academic Teams

Japanese National Honor Society (JNHS) and Junior Japanese National Honor Society (jJNHS)

The Japanese National Honor Society is sponsored by the AATJ (American Association of Teachers of Japanese and honors those students who excel not only academically, but also possess a great deal of passion and devotion to the Japanese language and culture. Each member is formally initiated and is required to undertake a small project to support the Japanese language and culture. Here is a link to more information: |Here|

Oregon Battle of the Books (OBOB)

SJS teams at all grade-levels, compete to read as many of the designated books as possible and demonstrate (live) their knowledge and understanding of these books.

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