Frequently Asked Questions

1) Are we a private school?
We are not private. We are a public charter school inside the Sheridan 48J School District. While we are overseen by the district, we are governed by a separate charter board, the Sheridan Japanese School Foundation Board. Much like a private school, we are able to design our own curricula, set our own policy and procedures, but are accountable to the highest of financial, achievement (OAKS), and legal standards set forth by the state, federal government, and district.

2) Are we a Japanese immersion school?
While we offer increased exposure to the Japanese language and culture and find it to be a very integral part of our school mission, we are not an immersion school. All other core classes such as math, science, etc., are offered entirely in English.

3) Is there an admission application?
Yes. However, as we are a public charter school, we are open-enrollment. For more information, please email

4)Is SJS a year-round school?
We follow the calendar set forth by the Sheridan School District 48J; however we offer summer enrichment including our Japanese summer camp.

Major Accomplishments and Success for 2015-2016


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