Since 1994, the Sheridan Japanese School has enabled students to expand their cultural horizons and learn a second language while studying the classic core subjects: math, science, English, and social studies. The Sheridan Japanese School is a charter school founded by parents and teachers who wanted to provide their children with an academically challenging, college preparatory, and public education. Located in Yamhill County, Oregon, Sheridan Japanese School is a public charter school in the Sheridan School District (48J). Students at the Sheridan Japanese School come from many areas including Sheridan, McMinnville, Willamina, Dayton, Carlton, and Newberg. The school serves from 88 students grades 4-12.

The Sheridan Japanese School strives to challenge students and expand their knowledge of another language and culture while providing a small, unique, multi-age learning environment with high academic and behavioral expectations as well as exceptional parental and community support.

Our Vision…

To continue to support successful students through high academic and behavioral standards offered at the Japanese School

  • Global experience
  • Broader perspectives
  • World citizens
  • Japanese Language proficiency
  • College bound students
  • Strong writers/researchers
  • Students who are sought out by colleges
  • Multi-age, integrated instruction and teamwork
  • Service learning and community interaction
  • Attracting students from outside the district
  • Creating space for meetings and community use
  • Enhancing the viability of Sheridan
  • Integrating family and volunteers into the overall program

Why a Charter School?
Oregon charter schools are tuition-free public schools that operate independently of local school board regulations. While they are required to meet state education standards, charter schools are largely free to design and deliver their own education programs. Charter schools give parents and students the power to choose schools that provide them with meaningful alternatives. Because charter schools are funded by the state on the basis of their enrollment, they are forced to attract and satisfy the education consumer and, in doing so, they are introducing meaningful competition into the educational system.

Our Building
Our building was designed to create a facility where school and community partnerships can evolve. The Sheridan Japanese School building has a large gathering room, five classrooms, a gym, a computer lab, office space, and a large multi-purpose room. Upon entering our school you are welcomed into Nihon Kai, our open gathering room named after the Sea of Japan. Our four classrooms come out of Nihon Kai and are named after islands/locations of Japan: Kyushu, Shikoku, Hokkaido, Honshu, and Setonaikai.

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